There are two people who founded this project. Terry and Jennifer were introduced in 2012 to each other, but really found each other in 2014. They found out that they shared a dream: doing something back for the children and the community where they live in.


Terry (26) is born and raised in Zambia and is working for GCMF, a NGO in Mpongwe. His father passed away when he was 12 years old and was raised together with his two brother by his mother. Terry completed school and even went to tertiary education. He grew up in an environment where a lot of children didn’t have the same opportunity he had. The vulnerable children he daily sees and the OVC project from his work, inspires him to build this schoterryjen.jpgol in which the community will benefit, especially the vulnerable ones.

‘I also want to promote girl education, gender equality and fight drug and alcohol abuse, early marriages and teen pregnancies, through workshops, lessons and inviting people who have knowledge about these subjects.’


Jennifer (28) visited Zambia for the first time in 2011 to do an internship. She didn’t know then that this country would change her life forever. She fell in love with the people, culture, climate, environment and the life in Zambia. Traveling around the world the next few years, there was always that feeling of being homesick to that country which made her world turn upside down.

It became November 2014 and the definite emigration to Zambia was there. Finally, Jennifer could call Zambia home. The first months she used to settle down, design the house she lives in with Terry and organize the plot around their house. At the moment she coordinates together with Terry the OVC program for GCMF (NGO in Mpongwe).

In the end she likes to have her own school with an OVC project included, so that her dream of doing something back to the community which made her feel at home, can come true.

‘In my opinion, the standard of the Zambian education is low and it is laskykarcking a lot. Let Lotus Private School be the beginning of change in de educational system in Zambia.’

Terry and Jennifer live together in Turbine area, Mpongwe with
their cat Karma and dog Skyler, who both are a big help…

By following the blog, you can stay up to date about the progress of the school and their dream. Are you going to be a part of it?



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