Of course, all of this we can’t do without your help. There are several things you can do to help us establishing Lotus Private School.moneymeter

  1. Donate! We have set the goal on 15.000 euro, which is a huge amount. And that is why
    we need donations from you. Big or small, we will be happy with everything. Keep in mind that 1 euro will be equal to 12 bricks and for 6 euro we buy a bag of cement.
  2. Share! Share this website on all your social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. But also mention it at family or friends’ gatherings.
  3. Join us! At last join us as a part of our fundraising team. You have a big network or you are willing to take an extra step for us and the school? Please, send us the ideas and join our fundraising team.

Let us get started. Bake cookies, collect plastic bottles, sell unused clothes or furniture, organize a sponsored walk or run or do some small piece works for others. Through this way we can make it possible, together!

At the moment we reached 13.350 euro. A certain amount went to the plot of the school. The structure is there, the roof is placed and the plastering inside has started. We’re getting there!

The donations will go to the Dutch account of Jennifer, so that she can transfer the money to the Zambian account and transfer costs to an international account only need to be paid once.


Jennifer Peeters



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