Education in Zambia

The educational system in Zambia mainly consists three core structures: early childhood education and primary education (pre-school and grade 1-7), secondary education (grade 8-12) and tertiary

Primary schools are spread through the whole country. These schools are owned by the government, the private sector or communities. The majority of the Zambian pupils attend government schools, which are free until grade 7, but parents mostly have to pay certain contributions and of course the uniform.

Community schools are run by the community and the teachers mostly work here voluntarily or for a small amount, unless they are sponsored by charities. Most of these schools are cheap and cater for pupils for who the government school is too far or too expensive.

Private schools are owned by the private sector or individuals. These charge higher fees, but classes are smaller and they score better during exams.

Zambian schools are under-resourced and the educational standard is extremely low, with the exception of some top (expensive) private schools.

After completion of primary school, pupils can continue to secondary school. These schools aren’t found in every area. Due to this reason, some basic schools have included grade 8 and 9 to their schools, so that pupils at least can continue their education up to grade 9. At the moment more secondary schools are built to give more pupils access to secondary education. Furthermore, the distance to a primary or secondary school is often far, which can be a disadvantage for the present and future generation of Zambia.

In the past few years more colleges and universities were built through Zambia, but most of them are based in the capital Lusaka or in the two main cities of the Copperbelt; Ndola and Kitwe. Students from other parts of Zambia have to shift to these parts of the country which brings extra costs.


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