Floor Plan


The above picture is the way the school should look like if all the building would be completed. It is located on a plot of 80 by 90 meters. It would consist of 12 classrooms, so the school would contain both primary and secondary grades (green, red, orange and purple buildings).

Besides this, a staff room and three offices will be established (green, red and yellow buildings).When the school will start, we will use long drop toilets, but in the future there should be a building with flushing toilets (blue building).

The space between the buildings (for example between the red and orange building) will be used during break times and for sports. Ideally, we would like to buy a neighbouring plot to make a sports field. As seen, there is also enough parking space for the cars, which can be done at the back of the buildings, so that the area between the buildings will stay car free.

All the classrooms have a size of 9 by 7 meters. Two offices (head master and deputy head) will be 3 by 4,9 meters, with an additional storeroom of 3 by 3 meters. The third office will be 3 by 7 meters and the school accountant and counselling person/psychologist will have their office here in turns.



The above floor plan shows phase 1 of the school, consisting 3 classrooms, an office and a storeroom. The measurements for a classroom are 9 by 7 meters. The office is 3 by 4.9 meters, while the storeroom has a space of 3 by 2 meters.


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