Future Plan

As seen on the floorplan the school will be built in stages. The first phase will be the part highlighted beneath it and will be the part we need to raise funds for. This stage is also the most expensive, because the plots still need to be bought and drilling to water is needed.

For every other stage after the first one, we want to use as less sponsors as needed. The school has to generate the income itself through the school fees the children need to pay. This will mean that not every year a phase can be built, due to funds. The school first needs to start running and there will be other costs throughout the year. This is also the reason why is chosen to build in the second phase another three classrooms, so that money can be faster generated and the school doesn’t have to rely on sponsors anymore.

School fees

The children who are coming to our school will have to pay school fees each term. This amount has to cover the costs to pay the teachers, maintenance and later development of the school. We will look at the other private schools in Mpongwe what they charge, so we can compare. This will not mean that we will put the same school fees as they do, because it needs to stay affordable for the people in Mpongwe.

OVC program

We also want to implement an OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) program in our school. How we will do this is not exactly certain yet, but we want to try to make a ‘Friends of Lotus’ organization in for example the Netherlands. People here can decide if they want to sponsor an orphan or vulnerable child which they can sponsor through his/her school career at our school. In this way, the really vulnerable children have also access to our school which else way wouldn’t be possible.

Internships and workshops

In the future we would like to open our school for students who study education, nationally and internationally. Especially for education students from Mpongwe district, this will be an option as there is one more school for them that can cater an internship. Their supervision and guidance will be done, if possible, by Jennifer.

International students will have a more extensive program, because they are entering a complete new culture. Depending on when this program can start, they first will be placed at a guesthouse in Mpongwe. Later on, we would like to offer a small house near the school, so that the travel time will be reduced. Furthermore, they need to be introduced in the culture, so an introduction program for them has to be made which they will have in the first week of their arrival. Their supervision will be done by Jennifer.

Other students from abroad who could be an addition for our school will also be invited.

On a regular basis we would like to give workshops to our children. A nurse or doctor who comes and explains about diseases and health or an environmental scientist who can tell the pupils about waste and the environment. These workshops should have an informative character and the pupils have to learn something from it. When the time will come, the possibilities about these workshops will be more worked out.


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