Our team


There are a few people who are going to help us with raising funds for our school and we would like to introduce them to you. They are a huge help and together we will make sure that Lotus Private School will be established.


I am Mieke Peeters-Stevens and I live in Baarlo, the Netherlands. In my daily life I am a teacher at the primary school Panta Rei in Baarlo. In the NetherlandMIEKE.JPGs the children have many choices/chances to follow a good education. We have modern teaching materials and the education is for ALL children, also for the ones who need extra support.

Education for ALL children is not a certainty. To this end, Jennifer wants to make a contribution.

I know Jennifer as a student of our school (which was named the Kwistbeek then). But mostly I know her as a neighborhood kid, playing with my children on the lawn (‘het pleintje’) in front of our homes. I have seen her grow up with a lot of ideals and now she has this dream: a school in Mpongwe (Zambia). This she wants to realize together with her boyfriend Terry. I would like to help with realizing that dream as a member of the fundraising team. Every bit helps!


Let me introduce myself: My name is Aniek and in 2011 I went to Zambia together with Jennifer. We lived in Ndola for six months, because of our internship where we worked with children with a disability. During the weekends we traveled to Mpongwe. That place
felt like home for me. And in general, Zambia
and her people touched my heart.

At the moment I’m working in the Netherlands. But because of Jennifer, Zambia is always close. When she told me about her ideas, I would love to be a part of that beautiful project. There where help is needed I would love to join and be a part of her life in Mpongwe and support the dreams she has. So that’s why I will be a part of the fundraising team!


My name is Jolanda, 29 years and I live in the Netherlands. In daily life I am a (substitute) teacher in primary education. As a teacher, I feel that good education is very important.

In the Netherlands we had several educational reforms in the past years. When I was following primary education 20 years ago, there was classroom teaching. We all had a book. The teacher expJolandasitelained the assignments and we had to work independently on these assignments. When we didn’t understand something, the teacher came to help us, if we were lucky.
In the following years and especially when I was studying to become a teacher, collaborative learning became more important. Because, after all, you learn from each other! Something I still find incredibly important.

In addition, many other innovations have passed. Discovery learning, experiental learning, various new forms of cooperation, but also digital education.

Education in the Netherlands goes to my heart. But this counts for education worldwide. Every child has the right to quality education

In 2009 I was able to visit and teach several weeks at different schools in Uganda. I especially experienced education, like I had myself in the past, only with virtually no books. The teachers told their story, wrote on the blackboard and the students wrote everything in their notebooks. Any cooperation or students discovering things by their selves: nothing of this.

Beyond that, the difference in pupils was also huge. Where I was sitting in a classroom with 34 children (which was very much in the Netherlands), there were in Uganda up to 100 children in a class, or under a tree when there was no classroom available.

What really shocked me was the fact that the children had no pleasure in learning. When I was teaching them and the children had to work together or a joke was made, they looked fearfully to their teacher to consult him and if they could laugh at the joke. Apparently that was out of the question. This can’t be good, can it?

In 2013 I got to visit Jennifer, with whom I’m friends for years, twice in Zambia. I also saw public schools with overcrowded classes. Classes where teachers were talking all the time and where children didn’t had to find out something by their selves.jolandasite2

I believe that the vision of Jennifer and Terry is a good vision. Education for ALL children. The average pupil, but also the students who learn easily and need more challenge, and also children who just need extra support because they find it difficult. Every child has their own needs. Personalized learning is a beautiful development!

I am convinced that Jennifer and Terry ensure that the children will get very good educaiton at Lotus Private School. That is also the reaosn I would like to help them to achieve their goal. Will you help them also?


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