Where will your funds go?

There are a few necessities which are needed to open a school in Zambia. The school needs water and toilets. Furthermore, you need to register your school before it can officially open.

These cost will be only made in the first phase. We need to get in touch with a drilling company, so they can drill for water, install a pump and put a tap. In a later phase we want to put a water tank and make flushing toilets.

The registration needs to be done yearly, but the first registration is more expensive than the yearly renewal. When the plots are bought, they are ours, so we can do with it what we want. Maybe in the first two years we can put some maize, which, when sold, can gather some money for the school.

We have tried to put a summary of all the costs, but it is an estimation. We need to keep an eye on the exchange rate between the euro and the Zambian kwacha. At the moment of writing 1 euro is worth 12 kwacha. In the summary below the registration of the school is not included. It is not known how many materials are needed for everything, so we made an estimation of these costs.

BRICKS 12.000 12.000 1.065
CEMENT150 9.750 865
STONES/SAND 8.000 710
DOORFRAMES 5 1.000 89
WINDOWFRAMES  13 6.500 577
DOORS 5 2.500 221
ROOFING SHEETS  45 8.000 710
PLOTS 6 25.000 2.230
LABOUR BUILDING 17.500 1.550
TIMBER  100 6.000 532
DRILLING WATER  1 10.000 887
OTHERS 15.000 1.330
TOTAL   129.250,00 11.476,00



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